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What do I need to open an account with you?
We are wholesalers and we sell products for re-sell. We don’t deal with the public directly. If you are a re-seller and have a valid re-sale (GST/PST) number than you can open an account with us. Just fill out the new account form and choose your payment method and that’s it you are on board!!!
What are the Payment & Credit Terms?
Initial orders are processed on Cash On Delivery basis, or Credit Card basis unless prior approval.
Payment in full is required within the designated terms.
Accounts with outstanding invoices will be subject to interest at the rate of 2% per month (24% per annum) on outstanding balance and will be referred to a collection agency.  

Customers will be liable for additional costs and/or expenses incurred by Prince Wholesalers, including reasonable attorney’s fees, resulting from collection efforts.
Returned Checks – All returned checks incur a $25.00 service charge.  Returned checks may result in suspension or cancellation of shipments and/or check writing privileges.
What are my payment options?
Credit card: we accept the following major cards (M/C & Visa) we will ship to your billing address only unless a signed shipping letter of authority to ship elsewhere has been provided.
Cash COD:  unless you have already been approved for check cod (there is an $10.00 cod tag fee for each package shipped with cod payment terms - this is a fee that CANPAR/FedEx charges)
Money order or personal/company check, but be aware that we hold all checks over $100.00 until they have cleared the bank.  
Do you do special promotion or walk-in specials?
Yes we do special promotion. You can view that on Promotion link on our website. There is always something for walk-in. Please contact us for that.
I am local customer can I come and pick-up my stuff?
Yes you can. We appreciate if you call us before you come and send us your order so we can get ready prior to your arrival. We believe in quick service.  
How quickly will my order be shipped?
If your order is confirmed before 4:00pm (EST) - in most cases, we can ship the same day. If not, we will ship the following business day. 
Why doesn't the shopping cart figure my shipping costs or allow me to pick a shipping option?
Because of the complicated formula involved in figuring your shipping costs we are not able to let the shopping cart do so for you. If you need a quote right away, feel free to call or email your sales rep.
What do I do if there is something missing from my order?
We try our best to insure that your package is shipped out and arrives to your location correctly, however mistakes do happen. Here's a small checklist list to help you figure out what to do if there is something missing from your shipment.
Be sure that you keep the box the product was shipped in and the packaging material if possible (this is especially important if the outside packaging appears to be damaged or tampered with)
Double check the contents of the package against the attached invoice to make sure that the item you believe to be missing is indeed on the order.
Call or email your sales rep or our customer service department as soon as you discover the error. 
Most importantly, be assured that we will correct the mistake as soon as possible and make every effort to ensure that something like this does not happen again. 
What do I do if I receive damaged item(s) in my shipment?
You must keep the box that the product was shipped in along with the packing material inside. This is very important when trying to process a damaged package claim with Courier Company. If possible, take pictures of damaged product and packing materials.
Call or email your sales rep as soon as you discover the error.
Why there is fluctuation in your price?
The product price is determined based on two things. Market conditions for the product (Supply/Demand) and our re-stock price. For more detailed info, contact your sales rep.
Why did I get cut on my pre-order?
Pre-order is not 100% confirmed. When we take pre-orders number from our customer and forward that number to the manufactuer. If the manufactuer accepts our pre-order 100% then our customer gets their pre-order 100%. If we get any cut on pre-order than our customers gets cut accordingly.
Why was my pre-order price was different than you charged me?
We calculate pre-order price based on US Dollar at that time. We buy our inventory in USD but we charge our customer in Canadian currency. Currency fluctuations have minor influences on final product price.
Why am I not receiving emails from you?
Many free e-mail systems have spam or junk mail filters that are set too high, resulting in the download e-mail getting filtered into a Junk or Bulk Mail Folder. Please check both of these folder for the download e-mail if you cannot locate it.
My question is not answered here, what should I do?
If you don’t find the answer here please email us at info@princewholesalers.com or go to contact us page and submit your question.
What is the new Upper Deck policy?
Commencing in April of 2007, the Upper Deck Company will be implementing a new program designed with the best interests of those parties with a long-term vested interest in our sports card business. It has been carefully constructed after an exhaustive study of our industry and other business models, to take the next step in stabilizing and growing consumer interest and consumption of our products, as well as to strengthen the brick and mortar hobby stores everywhere and to improve the collector experience.
Hopefully the following details will answer your questions and prepare everyone for the new program!
Beginning in April of 2007, our Authorized Distributors and Hobby Direct business will be selling to ‘Brick and Mortar’ hobby shops only. A hobby shop is defined as a store open for business 5 days a week or more, and one in which the majority (50%+) of their business is done in the physical location.
It is our intention to have our Authorized Distributors as the primary wholesale source for our sports products, and our brick & mortar hobby stores as the primary source for consumers to buy, sell and trade our sports products. This is in the spirit of building a normal, mature, functioning distribution model, with clearly defined ‘wholesale’ and ‘retail’ levels.
Our Authorized Distributors will be required to follow this exciting new program for 60 days from the release date of each or our sports card products. After the 60 days, they will be permitted to market products as they see fit, once clearance has been given from Upper Deck.
There are many cases of hobby retailers who also resell products to other hobby stores and retail stores. In order to qualify as an authorized Upper Deck retailer, they will need to focus on their retail sales and cease distribution at the wholesale level. All UD sports card product MUST be sold by stores to the end consumer only. We cannot make any exceptions.
This program is designed to help strengthen hobby stores, distributors, and the hobby in general. Stronger margins and longer shelf life of products results in everyone being able to re-invest and grow their respective businesses!
This program does not pertain to Upper Deck Entertainment products.
Distributors may submit to Upper Deck, for prior approval, a customer that they deem falls outside these clearly defined guidelines – an example would be a business operation that breaks large quantities of cases to make team sets for resale to league arenas and team stores, sell singles, etc.
We strongly encourage all of our invested partners, distributors and retailers alike, not to hesitate to contact us to clarify any of the programs parameters.
We will require our authorized distributors and brick and mortar retailers to sign a document outlining our program and agreeing to its terms. This is no different than any supplier-distributor-retailer standard in almost any other industry.
Strong penalties will result in the non-adherence of the program, including but not limited to termination of account with Upper Deck. 
Ours is a business that is very young. We have allowed a large ‘grey market’ to evolve over the last decade or so and with it all of us have seen shrinking sales, margins, shelf-lives, customers and brick and mortar hobby shop numbers. As many, many other industries have done in the past, we are committed to a clear distribution and resale policy and a new direction in which we all can profit! We realize there may be some short-term
 frustration and perhaps confusion as change is often resisted, but we are very confident that this program will lead to better products, improved sales and margins, healthier hobby shops and a more satisfied consumer.
Upper Deck reserves the right to change any and all aspects of this program without notice.

Prince Wholesalers reserves the right to reduce, reject or cancel any orders from any customer due to insufficient credit history, delinquent payments and any other reasons as determined by Prince Wholesalers.


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